10 Photography Tips and Tricks!


Head cut off in photoMy passion for photography began as a small child with no talent and a heap of photos with heads cut off .. and despite the laughter I inspired in my family while trying to stuff in everything I saw with my eyes onto a photograph, I persisted and now have the pleasure of sharing my world as I see it with you!

Living in one of the most photographic places in the universe, ok well that might be a bit of an exaggeration but really my backyard, “The Kimberley”, in Western Australia, inspires me to take photos of just about anything and everything. I am so passionate about my photography that I will kick myself whenever I go out “cameraless” and see another “shot” that I couldn’t take.

Pearl Lugger KimberleyFrom the moment digital photography came into being, I found myself with the freedom to take 100’s of photos with the ability to delete the 99 bad ones! I progressed through many little compact cameras until I got my first SLR camera, a Nikon D60, and I pretty well started off taking everything on auto but I was so chuffed with the results that I didn’t notice that my shots could have been a lot better than the camera said they could be.

So listed below are my FREE 10 Photography Tips and Tricks!

Photography Tip No 1

I think one of the best tips I have been given is not all the technical stuff like F stops, aperture and shutter speed but to use your EYES.

This means not standing in front of your subjects and clicking away but getting down and dirty on the ground and shooting up or at an angle or climbing up and shooting down, these shots make much more interesting photos.

Photography Tip No 2

Check out other photographic websites and start taking notice of how the image was shot, bet you most of the best shots were not shot standing in front of their subjects.

You can gain a great deal of knowledge by looking at other people’s shots and from seeing what you like and you don’t like about an image and then putting this into practice when out in the field taking your shots.

Photography Tip No 3

Some of the most beautiful photos I have seen are of the most ordinary things .. now that we have the internet at our fingertips .. everyday things that seem ordinary to us, are in fact fascinating to people in other parts of the world who have never seen these things.

So get snapping and don’t worry about what sort of equipment you have .. I have seen some awesome photos taken with an iphone.

Photography Tip No 4

The thing that catches your eye photography tip

Cactus FlowerWhen you get that urge to take a photograph, for a better photo, take a moment to examine why you want to take the photo.

Its never about the awesome motorbike or the gorgeous flower, it’s about what catches our eye and leads to a great photo, it is always something more abstract.

What attracts us to the motorbike or the flower? Was it the colour? Was it the centre of the flower? Was it the beautiful light falling on the petal? What is it, exactly, that made you want to take a picture?

Photography Tip No 5

Now that you have worked out what it was that attracted your eye, the difficult part is to emphasise or capture it.

If it was the tank or the headlights or the awesome paintwork, make sure you fill your frame with it, get in close and take an angle shot.

With the flower, same deal try to capture the thing that stopped you and made you want to take a photo of it, we have all seen thousands of flower shots, all the best ones are not always of the whole flower but just a glimpse of how beautiful the flower was.

If you can capture this THING then your photo will be much more likely to have that WOW factor. Take this into account when framing your shot and you will always produce better shots!

Photography Tip No 6

Best tips for having your photo taken

Most of us hate having our picture taken and we end up either making a goofy face, or standing at some weird angle to compensate for the short/tall person next to you with their arm slumped over your shoulder.
Best advice, act naturally!
Stand up straight, angle your body slightly, look either directly below or above the camera, think about something that will make you inwardly smile and your good to go!

Statistically, women who tilt their head forward slightly and men who tilt their head back slightly, are more attractive.

Some Great Photography Quotes

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” – Ansel Adams

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham

If you know of any great quotes, please feel free to share them!

Also stay tuned for my “Top 10 Photography Sites”!

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