Kimberley Birds

Broome and the Kimberley has an amazing variety of birds with Roebuck Bay regarded as the most significant site in Australia for shorebirds. Some of the birds included in this collection are the Tawny Frogmouth Owl, the Blue Winged Kookaburra, the Great Egret and a Collared Sparrow Hawk with a freshly caught dragon lizard between his claws.

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Brown FalconBaby Red Tailed Black CockatooRed Tailed Black Cockatoo eatingCorella CockatooLittle-Friar-BirdRainbow LorikeetBlack-faced Cuckoo-shrikeStraw Necked IbisPallid CuckooBlack KiteAustralian HobbyBrown FalconBrown-FalconZebra-finchRainbow-Bee-eaterBlack-faced WoodswallowStriated PardaloteBridled TernGreat EgretCollared Sparrow HawkCollared SparrowhawkBlue winged KookaburraTawny Frogmouth